activated carbon wire wound water filter

Part 1: Description
Activated carbon is a carbonaceous material with a developed void structure and it is odorless, tasteless, insoluble in the solvent. It has many characteristics, such as, adsorption, removing taste, bleaching, in addition, activated carbon felt also has a large surface area and high iodine value , and it will play its role together with polypropylene wire.

Part 2: Characteristics 
Deep filtration, high efficiency ,large dirty holding capacity;
The media is open with loosen exterior and compact interior, it can have large dirty holding capacity and high filtration efficiency;
Large tightness of wire wound filter , liquid impact will not destroy the filter accuracy;
Wire wound filtration accuracy is gradually improved  in the use process, the effect of circulation filtration is better;
There is no adhesive in the activated carbon layer, the role of activated carbon layer can be fully exerted.

Part 3: Specification

ID (mm)


OD (mm)


Length (mm)


Flow Rate

30 l/ min (water)

Original Pressure


Allowed Pressure Difference


Allowed Pressure

0.5MPa 50 ℃

Part 4: Adsorption Performance

Every element can remove in 14000 litres water

Miro Hole Area


Adsorption Value of Lodine


Adsorption Value of Peculiar Smell


Adsorption Value of Methylene Blue


Adsorption Value of Benzene


Part 5: Absorption Value of Micro Organic
Aromatic solvents (benzene, toluene, xylene)
Polycyclic aromatic compounds (alicyclic hydrocarbons, I benzene)
Chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons (chlorinated benzene, polychlorinated biphenyls)
Phenol (phenol, cresol, cresol dihydric phenol)
Surfactants (alkyl benzene yellow acids)
High molecular weight ketones, lipids, ethers and alcohols (such as synthetic blood, polyethylene glycol)
Soluble organic fuels (methylene blue, textile fuels)
Fuel (petrol, kerosene, oil)
Chlorinated solvent (carbon tetrachloride, high vinyl chloride)
Fatty acids and selenic acid, benzoic acid

Part 6: Application 
1. Electronics, power industry: pure water, gas, electric transition fluid, printing line, and so on.
2. Chemical, petrochemical: solvents, coatings, magnetic pulp, detergents, liquid wax and so on.
3. Pharmaceutical industry: hospital water, pharmaceutical injection, in the liquid and so on.

4. Food industry: food, beverage equipment, drinking water, alcohol and so on.

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