I. Introduction

Hepa filters are the key point of high-efficiency cleaning air filtration system. The manufacturer must test each hepa filter before packaging and delivery. So far, the most popular test methods for hepa filter are photometer scanning and counter scanning. These two methods are popular, but high labor-consuming and in-efficient. Besides, filter in certain structure such as W-type can’t be tested. Under this condition, the market call on an easy-operation, high-efficiency and reliable tester for leaking.

JL-12 Leaking Tester For Hepa Filter is a new type leaking tester ,which is self developed and produced according to the theory that the mist can be filtered by hepa filter in the basic of mist leaking test by our company, complying with the demand of the market.

II. Technical Parameter

◆ Rated voltage: 220V/380V 50HZ

◆ Rated power: 3.56KW

◆ Oil barrel capacity: 2.5L

◆ Weight of machine: 350kg

◆ Max. size of filter: 1200x700x300mm

◆ Min. size of filter: 300x300mm

◆ Max. wind pressure of leak testing: 1210Pa

◆ Max. mist output: 210m3 /min

III. Performance Characteristics

◆ Fuming particle diameter is between 0.3 ~ 0.5 um, particle arranged evenly, and in line with the dust particle size of the counting scanning method, able to meet the requirements of HEPA filters leaking test.

◆ For a wide range of various types of HEPA filters with and without separators to detect.

◆ High detection efficiency, only two seconds for single filter detection, cut detection time short, and reduce the cost of production.

◆ Meet environmental requirements, the device emitted mist without any harm to the operator. The detection process has no mist emission outwards, no impact on the surrounding environment.

◆ Electrical control system uses PLC control, easy to operate with high reliability.

◆ Cheap raw material consumables, negligible testing cost. It is currently the most cost-effective HEPA filter tester in domestic.

IV. Operation Instruction

1. Check all the power supply and make sure all of them are comply with the instruction before starting up the machine and tidy up all the sundries on the platform.

2. Adding pure water in the water channel of the air leak tester, making the liquid level be about 2mm lower than the mist outlet. Adding tap water into the water tank, making sure the liquid level be in the range of the mark.

3. Turn on the air switch inside of the electrical cabinet. When the “Power” sign lights up, it means the power is already on.

4. Click the “turn on” button, the mist machine starts preheating. When the “turn on ” sign lights up, it means the preheating is finished.

5. Put the products above the testing water channel, the center of the products is matched with the center of the mist outlet.

6. Adjust the luminance of the spot light and the products position according to the buttons on the operation panel.

7. While the preheating indicator light is on, click the “test” button, observing the mist overflow from the leak point of the product, and then mark in the spot of leak in the product and take the product down.

8. Click the“ Turn off” button to turn off the machine.

9. If some urgencies occur, please click the “Scram” button to cut off the power.

10. When the testing is finished, please shut down the power and let the pure water out of the water channel.

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